Please Note:  We have a FULL MENU again.  Hooray!  However, Pho Boca is extremely short-staffed.  We cannot accept any special requests, substitutions, or customizations. We can only take away an ingredient if not pre-made or accommodate a spice level.  Any other changes will cause major issues and we do not want that.  Please kindly pick another item "as is".  

We would prefer not to have a sale than have an argument with customers given the nature of the difficult operating environment.  Thank you for your understanding!

If you request extras of anything, please Pay for it in Sides before we can fulfill the request.

Also sometimes food suppliers will run out of certain items, we will try our best to supplement.

Please DO NOT customize your order.  We can only take away items, if possible.  We are not in a position to handle special requests because the restaurant is too busy coupled with limited staffing.

Large orders and orders involving a lot of wok dishes will take longer to make.  The time estimate is an approximation.



At Pho Boca, our passion is simple: to make healthy Vietnamese pho noodle soups, offering the same robust flavors and aromas of traditional pho. That's why we've revolutionized the way pho is made; using top-grade meats, seafoods & vegetables to create a healthier soup broth that's lower in calories and cholesterol.


Our banhmi sandwiches, rice plates, vermicelli noodle bowls, wok entrees, and daily specials are made from fresh locally sourced produce, high-quality ingredients & spices to produce the perfect Asian Cuisines, which pair wonderfully with our complex craft beers & Italian wines.


"When you're in Boca, you must try my PHO BOCA"

Emily Hua - Owner of  Pho Boca



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